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About this site.

In short

Site sections

The different sections of the web site can be viewed independently from one another. Each section has its own menu, displayed in the left column, and will memorize to which pages you navigate. When returning to a previously visited section, you will find the page you last viewed.

Menu topics

The menus, displayed at the left, change with the selected section of the web site. Sub-menus are opened when a menu option is selected. The selected menu or sub-menu topic is memorized when you navigate to a different section of the web site. So you can look up something in an other section of our web site and easily return when you are done.

Navigation arrows

The navigation arrows at the bottom left, take you back to previously viewed pages. It makes no difference in which sections these pages are. Buttons and menus are automatically adjusted. A maximum of 20 previously viewed pages is memorized.

Your browsers buttons for previous and next page.

In the pages, frequent use is made of links. When following a link, the menu bar at the top and the menu at the left are dynamically adjusted to reflect the location on our site.
Note! The Previous and Next buttons from your browser may not work correctly with this web site.

If a link takes you to a different section of the web site you will notice so from the selected menu bar option in the top changing (and the menu at the left being updated). Select the menu bar option that was highlighted previously, and you will return to the page you just left. You can also use the navigation arrows in the bottom left.

If a link takes you to a different page within the same section, this will cause the menu at the left to be adjusted accordingly. Returning to the previously viewed page is possible with the navigation arrows at the bottom left.

Local links jump to a different position on the same page. You will need to use the scroll bar at the right to get back to the previous position.
Links to documents, images or other websites will open a new window so you don't loose track of where you are. You can close these windows yourself but they are also closed automatically if you select the main window again.


Using the print function from your browser may give undesirable output if you do not have the main window selected for printing. Try right clicking in the main window and select the print option from the context menu. If you use the print option in the highlight menu (at the top right on most pages) this will give you a neat printout of every individual page, without the buttons, menus and other elements that are meaningless in a print.