Suparator® oil separation.

Innovative solutions that beat all.

Suparator® is a unique technology, developed for the separation of oil from aqueous media. It adds valuable functionality to gravity separation and coalescing.

Different from all other oil separation devices, Suparator® offers Pro-active oil Separation. Its three-step separation process removes Dry Oil from the process at an early stage, warranting extremely short Contact Times, Thin Film separation and better Oil Control.

The heart of the system is a simple, Passive Construction, that requires no maintenance, no controls and no energy. Suparator® systems do not use any consumables and offer Clean Cut separation of the oil.

Investments in Suparator® oil control systems have a very short pay-back time, not only because of the minimal maintenance and operational cost, but even more so because of the significant savings.

Suparator® makes sense.