The background.

Suparator: organization and background.

Suparator® is a unique technology for oil/water separation, but also a worldwide organization for the development and marketing of this technology.

The organization.

The two main organizations for the world wide marketing of the Suparator® systems and solutions are:

Aqeous Recovery Resources Inc. in the USA, concentrating mainly on the North American region

Suparator Systems Europe b.v. in The Netherlands, which has Europe as its main market area.

See our contact page for the applicable contact persons and contact details for your region.

Suparator® systems and solutions are supplied through a network of trained and certified re-sellers and OEM suppliers.

The specialists

The Suparator® organization, and the people involved with it, have been focusing on oil/water separation exclusively for over 12 years now. The knowledge and experience, gained from this unprecedented specialization, has translated itself into the effectiveness and quality of our solutions.

More than any other supplier, we know what is involved with the separation of oil, or anything comparable for that matter, from water or aqueous media.

We know why some things work and others don't.

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