Products for oil/water separation.

Compact series 86 oil separator.

In this section you will find all the details on the Suparator® range of products. These products are the key components in the Skim & Treat® method which is the basis for the total solutions Suparator® is known for.
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The main components in a Skim & Treat® solution obviously are the Suparator® separation systems and the Suparskim® top layer skimmers.

In addition to a range of products, there is a whole range of options available for the Suparator® separation systems. These options simplify the installation, improve separation or cut down on maintenance cost. It certainly is worth while to have a look at what is available in this area.

Systems and Support

Solutions require, taking into account the actual situation and application characteristics, and thanks to the Skim & Treat® method we developed, we are able to do so without having to re-engineer and modify your installations. If you want to learn more about the Skim & Treat® method, look up the relevant pages in the Technology section. It will give you a better feel for the way in which our products can best be used.

Obviously, we support you all the way, so you don't have to concern yourself with selecting the right products and components for your solution. Contact us, with a simple email or by using one of our questionnaires, and we will take action immediately.

Series 8x separation systems.

All 8x series units are Suparator® separation systems, incorporating the unique Suparator® principle. All these systems can be combined with pumps, controls and other optional components to fully assembled and tested configurations, ready for use.

Series 9x skimmers.

The 9x series are what we call the Suparskim® skimmers. This product, often referred to as the "pick-up" head, is for installation in your tank, bath or pit. It is an essential component in connecting to your "problem".