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Oil/water separation applications have specific characteristics, depending on the industry. These characteristics may relate to the separation process itself, to the specific requirements or to the limitations due to the production processes.

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A common problem.

There are few problems that are so commonly known throughout the industry as the separation of oil, or comparable substances, from water or aqueous media. Most industries produce waste water, and very often this water gets polluted with oil or grease. Other applications, concerning the separation of oil or grease, are process water, cooling water and (steam) condensate.

A group of applications by itself are those where (valuable) process fluids get polluted with oil or comparable substances. The most common two are aqueous cleaning fluids and coolants. These types of fluids are commonly used in the metal working industry and suffer dearly from pollution. The cost associated with replacement of the fluid and disposal of the spent fluid, make oil separation a very valuable option.