The Progression of Aqueous Cleaning Technology.

This article discusses the developments in aqueous cleaning over the past decenniums to end with the latest, demulsifying, cleaning technology. It gives examples of actual projects in the automotive industry where a successfull change over to demulsifying cleaning was carried through, phasing out even membrane filtration.

You can also download the pdf version of the article here.

Second Generation Aqueous Cleaning.

This article is about the new developments in aqueous cleaning, making on-line separation of "soils", solids and oil contamination, from aqueous cleaning baths possible. The lifetime of the aqueous cleaner increases, waste disposal cost drop and product quality improves and is better controlled.

Pre-treatment: The Balance Between Cleanliness/Quality vs. Cost.

The article is about the importance of pre-treatment of parts before finishing and, more important, about controlling the quality of your pre-treatment.

Closed loop Aqueous Cleaning.

See this pdf file on for an extensive and thorough discussion of the various aspects in bath life extension with aqueous cleaners, listing several case studies. The Suparator® is discussed starting from page 9.