Pump type I.

As with all the components of the Suparator® systems, this pump is selected for its ability to improve the separation efficiency of the overall system. The type I pumps have a very simple design. The wear pieces are a rubber stator, which can be replaced in less than 30 seconds, a flex joint and a mechanical seal.

The suggested maintenance schedule for these wetted parts is as follows:

The frequency may be accelerated or extended, dependent on the chemistry used and duty cycle.

We recommend that you purchase 1 elastomer kit (containing 1 stator, 1 flex joint and 1 mechanical seal) for annual replacement and a minimum of 2 additional stators for replacement throughout the year. Please refer to the spare parts list located in your Suparator® user manual.

Please remember that these are suggested guidelines only. Actual wear time is dependent on you individual process perimeters.

Spare parts.

You will need to know your pump model or the project reference when placing an order for replacement parts. You can find your model number on your spare parts list in your Suparator® user manual.

Download the spare parts datasheet for commonly used parts here. For other parts, please contact our USA office.