Testing Suparator®.

Documented tests of Suparator® systems.

Over the years, many organizations and persons have tried and tested Suparato®. In this section you can find some of the reports, drafted by the people involved.

TURI report

Suparator® has been tested by the TURI (Toxics Use Reduction Institute) from the University of Massachusetts:

..... the ability of the Suparator® to rapidly recover large volumes of oil from the oil-contaminated aqueous cleaning solution without adversely affecting the composition of the recycled aqueous cleaning solution (i.e., depleting the solution of surfactant) is critical......
The tests, carried out in 1991, were on behalf of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Download an abstract of the report from this site or get the full report at the TURI website.

Automotive transmission plant aqueous cleaning process.

This document is derived from a power point presentation, made by representatives from the automotive company. All data and conclusions have been copied from the presentation exactly as they are. See what enormous savings were realized here by combining modern cleaning technology with Suparator®.